Methods ~ Details


Methods/Areas covered: 

Mel Bay, Berklee Series, Ernie Ball

Various note and chord diagrams/charts 

Building repertoire 

Theory of chords, notes, and fingerboard 

Note reading 

Soloing and speed 

Strumming styles and rhythm patterns 

Two hand coordination

Palm muting techniques 

Walking Bass styles

Writing/creating parts


Methods/Areas covered: 

Faber and Faber, "Piano Adventures" books

Note Reading


Treble and Bass clefs 

Sight Reading

Speed and Control 

Two Hand Coordination 

Building a Repertoire 

How to Practice Effectively

Styles: ALL 


Methods/Areas covered: 

Effective Breathing

Utilizing Proper Vowel Shapes

Increasing Range, Power, Strength, and Stamina

Development of Various Tone Qualities

Improving Pitch

Improving Timing, Rhythm, and Phrasing

Building a Repertoire

How to Practice Effectively

Vocal Health and Maintenance Practices.

Styles: Folk, Rock, Country, Pop, Jazz, Blues, R & B, Gospel, Hip Hop, Rap, and more.

Performance and Audition Coaching:

In preparation for a show, an audition, or as ongoing support. 

Areas improved: 

Overall Vocal and Musical Performance 

"Stage Fright": Overcoming Fear of Performing and Public Speaking. 

Stage Patter 

Song Intros

Use of Hand Gestures

Stage Movement

Wardrobe Choices

Audience Interaction with Small and Large Groups  

Finding Audition and Gig Opportunities 

Songwriting Coaching:

Song evaluations from an award-winning songwriter. 

Kelly will analyze your lyrics and music with you and give you honest and constructive feedback on what is and isn't working, and techniques to improve your songwriting.

You will receive coaching on

Writing Creative, Effective, and Emotive lyrics 

Composing Unique and Relevant Melodies and Chord Progressions 

Phrasing and Patterns

Developing Musical and Lyrical Ideas

Understanding Song Forms

Utilizing Key Elements of Various Genres Styles 

Breaking Through "Writer's Block".

Performing Your Songs Vocally and/or on Your Instrument


"Musical training is a more potent instrument than any other, because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul."

Lessons in:

Guitar, Piano, Voice, Bass, Songwriting, and Performance 

Kelly Riley is a Berklee College of Music Graduate, a Multi-Instrumentalist, an Award-Winning

Songwriter, Touring Performer, and an Experienced, Patient, and Effective Teacher and Coach.

Kelly offers Private Lessons to Students of All Ages and Levels,

Online, or in her Home Studio, in Nashville, TN.